1. I don’t have to remind you that the addiction to smart phones is so bad that people love their gadgets more than other human beings.  Unfortunately the victims of this addiction are guys who are giving up sex in return for playing with electronics.  Enjoy this video of a couple in which the man answers a phone call but his horny wife has no time for the shit he is talking, so without waiting for him to finish (she knows that another call might come soon after) she fucks him while he is busy talking.

  2. So here is a story of a Japanese man experiencing erectile dysfunction and the couple comes to see the family doctor.  Realizing that nothing is wrong with the lady and she is sexually dissatisfied the doctor thinks that a nice fuck will do her good, but guess what when the husband hears his wife getting the fuck of her life, he gets a hardon.  Everyone celebrates.  Definitely the most natural way to cure ED.